Saturday, April 21, 2012

In and Out

As I walked home from your sweet play I had
Many thoughts, all of them good, fairly clad;
As though best Sunday clothes on a fair lad
On girls blushing heart do cause such a fad.

Yet I could remember none when I sat
Down, at last, to put into words. My cat
Did purr when I walked up the steps, the rat
Did squeak when he saw me on the door mat.

The door did screech when it opened widely,
And the child did behave so smilingly!
The floor was a mess with all of his toys,
And as I passed by my wife said no noise!

The television was on; I fainted
To think of what thoughts it had painted
Within the minds of those that watched its gleam,
As though a swift running and gushing stream
Did pour through their minds as quick silver does!
Suddenly I realize that I was
On my way to put down into words fuzz
Ridden themes that your play procured for me!

But as I walk through the kitchen and see
The mud caked all over the place, boys fee
For playing outside in the rain, I call
Fiercely to Tommy; my son, very tall.

He comes in with a bit of a bow and says,
I'm sorry papa! Try to change you ways!
Says I in reply to this tacky kid,
Then with a slight bow he closes his lid.
Now I am horribly delayed in thought!
And run towards the office as first ought
To have done the moment I set foot in
This cavernous house, this great dusty bin!

Still more delays waited for me inside
My office; where my lively joy, my pride,
My sweet beauty of a computer sat!

Yet I could not find my spectacles, bats
Should have better sight than I would have had
If I had been born with glasses on, gad!
Then realizing that they are now lost,
I wonder about theft, how much they cost!
But it was not the case, they were not stolen;
For they were still in their case...but broken.
So it seems they were stolen for a bit
By some child of mine who had little wit.
Mourning for my loss I heaved a great sigh,
But then the thought of my themes back, try
To boot up my computer, oh what slack!
There to my frustrated designs a black
Screen did greet me; my intellect did pine
To see such an undeserved delay, vines
Of ropes to snare my exhausted brains hope!
Finally, with a shout and a roar so
Loud that it shook the office in its tow,
There was a face that smiled; a silly bow,
For how slowly it booted, as a root
That has no rain is not at all suited
To grow fast. Insane have I become through
This miserable delay! When at last
All is well and no delays can be heard
From this miserable computer, bird
Of croaking storms, I power up Micro
To see how it performs. Egads! Psycho!
A stupid update, the norms of easy
To use systems that fall apart; queasy
Do they make me: a bad stomach they give.

Now for the love of Pete let me now live
My dreams, no more delays! Let my thoughts streak
Forth from this dreaded maze; that is my head.
But pressed to write I have nothing instead....
This is unfair. I think I will to bed!

So have I by your play been given thoughts
That were at unawares tried by life; caught
In many comings and goings of life,
Lost forever in the well of great strife.

                                                             In and Out, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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