Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In Unison

When first we met love seemed like spring,
Caught up inside of a blessed ring.
Yet standing here when many years have passed,
I look and see greater love still amassed.
When fair I spoke you long ago I thought,
Now standing here greater still are you wrought.
Therefore parting then was but a small pinch,
Still hearts must break when they do use a winch.
For then a single tap and I'd have gone away,
Now I'd not leave even for the light of day.
To stand beside you then I yearned for you,
Hallowed have you become, you bear me through.
In the pain and sorrow then we were both meek,
So that we thought of the self and what self seeks.

But changed we have, like a summer breeze,
So that now we see each other through the trees.
For what are sorrows but a tower's mass,
That keep from one of us the others glance?
So in union we'll never be sundered by stone,
Nor tree's nor leaves, nor bushes, not alone! 
So when I think of times now gone I laugh,
For then I thought I could forgo your wrath,
But now I see that even in anger all ablaze,
I'd not forgo it, and set my hearts eyes to gaze.
For in all things shall we be united still,
In love, in sorrow, in anger, and will.
Thus in the end though it was not at first known,
We are in love, always have been; still be shown.

                                                                        In Unison, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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