Monday, April 2, 2012

Fate and Chance

11) Despite fear my eye lids opened to see,
But fright clears my senses, ropes me once more
To tighten the fence of mine eyes; for doors
That once I thought closed now open anew.
Brats I had bought, nosy girls, and a few
Women that had taken leave of their men;
For ten fat cads had I cleaved from the stem,
Tore their bodies radically, like hens.
Such a feat I had not thought to rue, dead
Or alive, for I was not taught to fear.
Yet now your silhouette shines through my lids,
Better seen by the debts that color it.
So I look upon you once more, escape 
No longer wanted; nuance be my bait!

                                                             Fate and Chance, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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