Sunday, April 1, 2012

Goram Toquespa

As the flames that do consume the wild night,
Those same flames that now approach our city,
I, Goram Toquespa, will stop their affront
Like the rain that falls from the skies, in times
When the great cycle does seeks such renewal
Of our land by thunderous applause! Lights
That do shine down and fork the ground with
Such inexplicable power as is in them to make
The very sky shatter with roaring groans!
Even so shall I harness the power
Of our people to renew our country,
I shall remove this blight this cursed crop,
These Devils, who do now take our free men
As slaves! Name us demons, monsters to be
Trained, as the animals that they command;
All for a single difference in skin.
That they have hides white, and we do have black. 
Their ignorance made sound by greedy hands
Shall make them rue the day they landed here!
Do you not agree Hiswalamonga?
Shall we not thus purge ourselves of these men,
Their coats red with the blood of our people,
Like the damns that do break and pour forth a
Multitude to quench the fire in such
A torrent, that no living thing may stand
In it's path, live through it's wake, and come to
In one piece? Only the strong survive such
Pains. Have not I led you all in such frays as
The one we now prepare to meet? Shall
We who have lived, braved the wilds of this world,
Withstood the bite of winter's hand, who have
Planted crops in the rockiest of soil
So that we have but the merest hope of
Life in this dead land, made futile by us,
Shall we who do all these things for wife and son,
Daughter, brother, sister, friend, neighbor, and
All those titles which we heap upon our
Selves with due honor, Shall we then give in?
Allow them to take us without a fight? For
Know brothers, that the merest thought of life
May cause you to fear, to fall down like the
Inexperienced hunter, flee your prey,
And so become so hunted that you pray
For a swift end, but it would not come! For
Such a man is exactly what they seek,
A man who fears the way of this land, the
Man who seeks the comfort of secure
Food, a home he does not own, and bread he
Did not harvest. They would take you but that
You may till their bellies, may fan their fire,
But inside you would be black as coals that
Did never see the light, never felt spark.
As I am a man, as I did claim rights
Of passage among us when I did string
My first bow, kill my own prey, and sing its
Hide clean off so that it now rests on my
Shoulders, and as I am a man who loves,
Loves what is his, but more importantly,
Loves who gives me my dignity. For I
Tell you this, no matter the enemy,
No matter the cause, no matter the strength
Of the opposing force, which we have said
Is likened to the fire that burns among trees
When struck by the inexplicable powr,
No matter these things, the fight will be won
By the heart that you bear, by who rests in
It! They do give you the will to win them
Once again, as you did before; show them
Then that you have that inexplicable
Power from lights above inside of you!
And since you have that power that burns, burns
Inside of you with the life of your loves,
Then may you stand with me as we fight this
Evil, as we destroy their bodies, and
So eradicate them from our lands, that
They may be gone and come not back! Yet know!
Know my livened friends, whom I do cherish,
That we cannot end them forever. Yes.
No matter the war cries you give, they come,
They will come! Such is evils ways. That is
Why I make clear what is at stake to all.
That you may listen, hear, hear the call I
Give. That you may be able to give more,
That you may drive evil from our shore, not
Once but as many times as he comes by.
So let him come then, for he comes to die!

                                                           Goram Toquespa, (C) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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