Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hall of Mirrors

Must you make me search for you through
This sea of heads, this atrocious attire
Fitted to bodies so perfectly as
A suit at death? Or is it your intent
To give me cause, to pause and ponder all
That I see before me so to ask why
It is that I am chasing your red mane?
Trust in me, for if I can but hold you
Again in my arms I can forget this
Place where I do hunt your shadow; for you
Fly from me as though the wind that does
Reveal itself only through magic;
That does weave itself in and out of those
Things that breathe and objects numerous,
Mere forms of being without that spark of life,
Inanimate at all times, unless you pass
Them by. Yet you come not to me. Must
I press my way through this golden armor,
This knight of metal, this shell, this tin can?
Must you tempt me with such worldly gifts
Such as these that you do bob your head here,
Then there, among numerous wealth's that have
Little worth to me save that they do shine
With your reflection as I pass them by!
So invisible is your thought; why so
Determined to ring your way around me?
Is not the chase enough to satiate
Your thirst for my loving pursuit, dost not
The lover's heart ring truly in my mind
That you should push and pull at my cloak when
I do stand idly, my eyes cast about
In the sea of nothingness I am in?
For what are all of these men and women,
These persons of power, politics, might
You be suggesting that I fall for them?
I hear them not! Cannot speak with them for
The pounding that is in my head, the pain
That covers the length of my arms from dread,
And the chaos that causes havoc to
My soul; so does your heart full of cheer at
The sight of my pains to overcome fear!
Yet I will try again; to me this bliss
Is worth the time; all for a lovers kiss.

                                                                   Hall of Wind, (C) Luke Bennette

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