Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wind and Sea

I am as the sea when it meets the air
And create a storm of passion our
Lovemaking; we move further up and in
So that the land may reap the benefits. Yet
Tonight I am alone, untouched by wind.
So does your invisibility, the
Absence of your flesh and blood bring me tears;
For what is the sea without the wind that
It should exist for itself alone? Shall
You not come forward from the clouds?
Why do you dance among the stars that are
The reflections of light upon armor
Strewn across the marble floor, or perched
On the faces of spectacles beings, and
The thousand spaces reflected on my
many chasms that the ocean holds dear?
I feel blue, abandoned, and do pityMyself; for all the power that I have
Is left idle when lacking your grace. Shall
I fall to deepest cave as I call?
Tears cast in vain? For without wind the
Sea yields no fruit of it's own. Confined
To outer reaches of the salty sea.
Yet I hear your whisper, I catch your voice
As you stroll through the sky, now a tempest
In my heart; though even the quietest
Of sounds does make the heart beat if in love.
So now I do surface, gaze westward with
The hopes that I shall espy you staring,
Your eyes fixed on mine; thunderous look
And a glare that speaks lightning to my soul!
I look to the west to find my hopes are true;
To see you floating towards me, sea anew
With the tides of your sweeping touch. But such
Looks do you hold tonight, as you do when
Storms of love were about to ascend to
Heaven itself. Such is your gaze on me.
I'll stand here staring, ages untold, still
Daring, hoping, for you to make bold. Aye,
And will catch you, for a moment brief; for
How can the wind be subdued by the sea?
But for one moment, as you brush past me
In your haste to escape my hand we'll meet,
And in that time you'll turn and I will greet
Those eyes that I have gazed so long upon.
Gone again, I begin the chase anew;
Until sea and wind become new, in rain.

                                                                           Wind and Sea, (C) Luke Bennette, March 2012

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