Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nature and Man

11) c) Like a sapling thinks on the tallest of trees
Are children that blink at celebrities.
But words of ink hope for a shot in film,
Just like boys for girls all hot for a swim.
Thoughts in the stars await cyclones of words,
Like young men looking to be seen and heard.
Feelings await the gate of love's passion,
As women relate to another fashion.
A minnow swims in the ocean and faints,
So do students lose their swaggering gaits. 
But trees that are fallen give ground new life,
Akin to mom's and dads, they have much strife.
Yet it is the sea that once running stream
Is like a man, once a boy, that had dreams.

                                                                 Nature and Man, (c) Luke Bennette

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