Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dreams Ungoverned

10) c) For all of our lives we've been shorne to fit
The widest of lies by which we've been hit;
For no moisture that was told it could be
A storm did so without holding a breeze!
When child hears that he may be a man
He insists that fears, uncertainty, can
Only deter him in his path; alight
With such simmering rays, fighting for the
Greatest of hopes, singing within for joy,
A child then stumbles and falls. Employed by
Feigned love mumbled, tall tales, mere ploys and sighs
From ungoverned counsels, A whales tale
Made real by lights of imagination,
Children fall, tight lipped, mention curses. 

                                                             Dreams Ungoverned, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

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