Friday, April 6, 2012

Task at Hand

Temper your heart with what you desire,
For all else shall be bent to such fire!
And the road shall be far in deeds; indeed!
Thus be careful where your will shall lead; for
As smithies do work on anvils of rage,
Guided by hands of will, bent by the age
Of their experience, but, more so, blown
By the winds of chance, that are not shown: so
Too the wind that does chance upon you, goes
Without guide or destination, so too
Shall feelings carry you away! Atune
Your heart then, so that the hammer may fall
Upon the sword with grace and ease; pay all
Your strength with little reward otherwise.
For the flame that roams free in your heart
Shall bind you to your work: cause work to part
With it's original intent! And what
Once was at first thought to be defense, shall
Become merely a pretense, a small fence
That may be jumped with ease, whenever you
Feel like it, whenever you please! Then death
Shall find you, shall smite you down as hammer
Blows from Smithies; for fell are his feelings.   
So focus you must upon tasks at hand!
Lest emotion carry fell reprimand.

                                                               Task at Hand, (c) Luke Bennette, April 2012

"Character is not about who you are, but about what you choose to be." Jose Escriva

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